Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How To Open Neo Cosmo Glamour Circle Lens Bottle

Hi everyone, it's me again puahaha. :> I thought I'd do a post about how to open circle lens bottles, well, the Neo Cosmo Glamour bottle in particular. I had trouble at first because initially I tried to open it the same way as my past circle lenses, which were Geo lenses. Eventually I found out it's different and so I will show you why and how.

To start off, locate where the arrow is on the side. You don't need to align anything so don't worry and just find it.

What you're going to do is open the white lid from the OTHER side of that arrow. On my old circle lenses I had to open it where the arrow pointed but with these it's the opposite. I used tweezers to lift off the white lid, kind of like opening a soda can lol. Well I failed LOL because the white cap wasn't suppose to detach from the aluminum but that's ok. As you can see there's two arrows on the rim (picture on the right) because that's where you're suppose to pop it open. Notice that the arrow from before is at the opposite side of where it open?

If the same thing happens to you and the white lid detaches, then no worries. Just use tweezers to remove the aluminum part. I placed one side of the tweezers under the aluminum and pulled it to one side until it rips open. Don't use your hands because it may be dangerous.

Once you're done then all the hard part is over! Just pop off the last lid and clean the lenses with multi-purpose solution. Then place it in your contact lens case and let it soak there for at least six hours. I let mine soak overnight just to be safe. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT wear your circle lens right when you take it out of the bottle. The solution inside the bottle will burn your eyes.

I hope that helped because I sure wish I knew this beforehand haha. Thanks for stopping by. ^_^

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Neo Cosmo Glamour Circle Lens in Gray

Hello hello~! This is a review on the Neo Cosmo Glamour circle lens in gray. Super late post because I was planning to write it over a month ago but the computer was stuck in repair longer than I expected. =.= Well, now that it's fixed I can finally write my thoughts and experience on it. ^^

I purchased these lenses for $29.90 from (it's called New Vision Glamour on their site) and so far that's my favorite place to buy circle lenses. I recently checked if they still have this collection in stock but unfortunately they currently do not. I messaged them concerning the matter so hopefully they will respond back and hopefully it's only a temporary thing because this is my favorite circle lens so far. PinkyParadise itself is a very reliable site with a high reputation. I ordered mine on a Wednesday and it took 12 days to ship from Malaysia. I was impressed because on the site they said it takes 14-25 days for international.

Packaging came in a bubble wrap envelope.

As you can see the bottles are wrapped in a foam-like wrapper and the free animal lens case is in a closed plastic wrapper so I know it's brand new. They also gave me hair velcro (is that what it's called? lol). You can get those two free items by using a code; I got mine from one of the makeup gurus on youtube.

Aren't these the cutest lens case you've ever seeeeen! ^o^ It's coming off as blueish purple but it's actually lavender. That's an elephant btw. ;D I messaged them to specifically send me these LOL.

Looks like a teapot from this angle lol. :3

Here's the hair velcro. Wish they gave me pink. xD As you can see on the wrapper, you use it to hold your bangs up to keep them away from your face.

Macro shot on the velcro hair piece.

The glass bottles were safely wrapped in the foam-like wrapper.

Close up of the bottle.

Here you can see the specifications and how blind I am lol.

Close-up shot of the circle lens still in the bottle. Natural lighting, no flash.
It's suppose to be gray but it has a little bit of blue making it look icy. Also, the outer rim is not solid, but rather it kind of has dashes or lines. That makes it more natural from a certain distance.
I like to check the lenses before opening them to make sure there's no defect.

Close-up shot again. Indoor, flash.
With flash it becomes even more icy blue.

Here's a close up of me wearing it with flash. It can be mistaken for blue, which has happened to me a couple times lol. Although the tricolor doesn't help it blend in with my iris, I think the mixture of the colors helps give it dimension.

Full face shot with flash. Flash makes it even more brighter. As you can see the outer rim is not a blunt border. The dashes/lines help it fade naturally.

Full face shot with no flash. Looks more gray with no flash and it's not as light. O.O

Diameter: 14.2mm
Water Content: 45%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life span: 1 year disposable

My thoughts
So far this has to be the most comfortable lenses I've ever worn. More comfortable than prescription contacts such as Freshlook Colorblends, but then again those were not really comfortable to begin with. My Neo Cosmo Glamour lens are really thin and I don't feel them in my eyes at all, until of course hours later. About 5-6 hours I start to feel them but that's standard for all circle lenses. The pattern and size is what sold me really. I was searching for contact lenses that were not freakishly enlarging and a pattern that was as natural as Colorblends. It's a tricolor so supposedly that's suppose to help blend it in with your natural eye color but on me I don't think it really gives that effect. However, the tricolor gives it dimension and it's not just one solid color. The only thing is, the color is so bright that it may look off on an Asian rofl. It was weird for me at first but it grew on me and now I love it! The water content is pretty high for a circle lens so that's another reason why it's so comfortable. However, I have heard that it may dry faster than those with lower water content because it needs more water to stay hydrated. Personally, the comfort is the best so far. :D

Super comfortable / thin lens
High water content
Natural in pattern and size
A little bit more expensive that most circle lenses
This color is particular might be too bright for dark eyes (personally it grew on me and now I love it)
If you want natural lenses in terms of pattern and size, I highly recommend these! I love the color but if you don't like it or it's too much, they have other colors. I think out of all of them the gray one is the brightest. These are also very comfortable if you don't mind the extra few bucks that compare to most circle lenses like Geo.

Thanks for reading! I hope that helped you in some way. Lemme know if you know about any other natural looking circle lenses. :] I'll be putting up another post about how to open the bottle from these circle lens specifically, because it's different from my past circle lenses. Also, I'll update if I ever find out another reliable place to get these or if PinkyParadise responds.