Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NAKED Palette Review + Swatches

So when I first found out about this palette, I realized my boyfriend knew about it before me! And that he was already on the search for it because the Naked palette was a huge hit and was sold out everywhere! Fortunately, a brand new Ulta opened like 2 minutes from his house and he went there the first day of the opening to reserve me one. :) Of course I had no idea that he already paid in advance so that when they stocked up all he had to do was pick it up! When he finally got it, I didn't find out until like 4 days later LOL. He's so sneaky but so sweet. :) He freaking hid it in his Gundam scale model box and posted a picture of it on facebook saying 'I wonder when she'll find out ^_^". I thought it was cute hehe. So anyway enough of that intro!

This package comes with the Naked palette, double-ended 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero & Whiskey, and a travel-size of the Urban Decay Primer Potion. When I first touched the palette I was like "Feels so expensive!!". The outside is a velvet texture with the word NAKED shining on it. The case is so sleek and feels nice to hold lol.

The eyeshadows are all wearable and they work very well together. There's some pink/champagne, browns, golds, bronze, and a few darker shades. They're all really silky smooth, blend nicely, and SUPER pigmented. Also, the size of each eyeshadow is bigger than your average Urban Decay palette eyeshadows. The color I was most excited about was Half Baked because I love gold shades! Most of them have a sheen to them and there are only a few matte shades which I'm glad they incorporated in the palette. This is perfect for traveling (the colors are but not the case, you can easily ruin it) and I think this is a nice transition from summer to fall.

(Click for enlarged photo)

(Click for enlarged photo)

Btw is it just me or do the eyeshadow names sound kind of naughty or bad ass lol.

Virgin: Very pale pink that almost looks white. It doesn't have as much of a metallic look as Sin but it does have a sheen. A nice brow bone / highlight color.
Sin: Pink champagne color that's metallic-looking. I actually have this shade already from my Ammo palette. I love using this on my inner tear ducts because it is so metallic-y.
Naked: A matte light brown shade. I think it's pretty similar to my skin color so it will look natural on my lids. It's a nice color to kind of even out your eyelids and also for that natural look since it's matte.
Sidecar: Not sure how I should describe this color lol. It's kind of silver-ish pink-ish brown? Haha. This is the only shade that has chunky glitter which is a no-no for me! It has a lot of fallout which I don't like. I love the color but I probably won't reach for that often because of the glitter and fallout.
Buck: A matte medium brown shade. It's a perfect crease / outer-v color. I like using it on the outer lower lashline of my eyes to make it slightly bigger but not so dramatic.
Half Baked: A gorgeous gold color! Depending on the lighting it may look bronze-gold. I love using this as my lid color. I'm excited to try it in different ways.
Smog: A dark bronze brown shade that has a sheen. I also have this shade from the Ammo palette which is also another favorite of mine. It's great for the outer corner or crease.
Darkhorse: Dark chocolate brown with very slight sheen. It doesn't have much of a sheen compared to the other metallic shades. Also a lovely outer-v or crease color. I think it will look nice on the outer lower lashline as well.
Toasted: Kind of a deeper shade of Sin and also has the same metallic sheen. A lovely lid color but I would also wear it on the crease/outer-v.
Hustle: Dark plum color that has that very slight sheen like Darkhorse. I find that this is not as pigmented as the other dark shades. I still like it though, going to be a nice color for Fall.
Creep: Dark charcoal blue with tiny blue glitter. Good shade to use for clubbing or anything dramatic like a smokey eye.
Gunmetal: A pretty silver blue color with a slight sheen. Nice color for a smokey eye or even by itself.

Overall I love all of them! Only thing that turns me off is the glitter/fallout. Sidecar is the only shade that gave me that problem. I'm glad they have Sin and Smog since those are my favorite shades from the Ammo palette, coincidentally. :)
I definitely super recommend this palette. If you already have UDPP or the eyeliner pencils then just get it for the casing! Hahaha.

From left to right: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal Flash

Natural lighting

From left to right: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck

From left to right: Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle

From left to right: Creep, Gunmetal

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero & Whiskey


  1. i really want to get my hands on this palette i love that urban decay released a palette with mainly neutrals. i'm in love with the idea and from what i'm seeing a lot of blogger babes are raving about it! i'm so jealous i need to get my hands on this!!

  2. Love this palette!

  3. @Dirt On The Rocks Honestly if you think about it, $44 for 12 eyeshadows = $3.6 per shade plus you get a double ended eye pencil and travel size UDPP. CRAZY. Definitely get it. If your Sephora doesn't have it try Ulta, if there's one near you.

    @Becky Me too. :)

  4. Love the colours - so pretty!