Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Review: Kiss Mix or Match Glue-On Nails 2 Manicures in 1 Box Medium

I bought this set in Target because I saw that it was on clearance. It's a good deal because the set with 24 nails is $5.99 while this is double that for only $6.28. For only a couple cents more why not get the one with 48 rather than 24 lol. What really pulled me in to buy it were the nails with an elegant flower design. I think it's still in clearance and I saw a couple of them still in stock so go grab a box if you want to try them out. :) It comes with it's own glue so you don't have to worry if you don't have any at home. The packaging of the glue is kind of difficult to use though.
The size I get is usually medium because the small ones make my nails look small and stubby. My nail bed is decently long and I like the elongated look of long nails. The only thing I hate about this set is that the ones with the design don't give you the same nail design for each nail. What I mean by this is that the flower is on one corner of the nail, so of course I want the flower to be on the opposite corner for my other hand so they match. However, the one for my pinky and thumb only have the flower on one corner for both the nails. In other words, the two acrylic nails for my thumb (and also for my pinky) have a flower that's facing the same direction making it look weird! Idk I think I have OCD or something rofl. Another thing, which is only kind of minor, but some nails have to be buffed out on the edge where the white part is because some of them have a piece of the acrylic sticking out.
Anyway here are some pictures. :)

As you can see, it's a gorgeous design. It's elegant and I love the colors. A white flower with gold sparkly nail polish around it. White and gold = beautiful. Kind of a sloppy job on the nail application, but keep in mind this was done in less than 10 minutes lol. My boyfriend put it on for me right before we left for a party so I didn't have time to cut my cuticle and to custom shape the acrylic nails.
Just to point out what I was talking about earlier. Do you see my pinky? The flower is not on the same side as my other nails because they didn't have one for my pinky that had it on the same side. Doesn't look that bad but it kind of irritates me lol. I like things to be symmetrical or matching, I'm a perfectionist I know lol.

It turned out pretty nice. ^_^ It's been three days now and none of them have chipped off yet. If you want to try french nails with an elegant design to it, I think these are perfect and affordable.